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Underground Harmonies: good music for transit
Empowering Street Musicians in the Digital Age
We support street music culture at the grass roots, and support artists that perform for the masses.
About Subway Musician
At SubwayMusician.eth, we are more than just a collective; we are a movement. Rooted in the vibrant, pulsating heart of urban culture, our initiative seeks to empower and elevate the often unsung heroes of our city's streets: the subway musicians and buskers.
Our mission is twofold.
Firstly, we seek to support these artists by educating them about the potential of blockchain technology, helping them navigate its complexities, and showing them how to harness its power to their advantage.

We believe in empowering artists with the knowledge and tools to take control of their art and its value.
Secondly, we aim to change the way audiences connect with music. We aspire to create an ecosystem where music lovers can not only enjoy unique performances but also directly contribute to the growth and success of the artists they admire.

Through this, we hope to foster a community that truly values and supports its artists.

Our Next Milestone: TRANSIT drop
We are proud to have identified over 25 incredible buskers for our first season, each with their own unique flavor and story. As we continue on this journey, we are excited to bring you with us, to experience the streets' music, stories, and soul.
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We are open to new partnerships and co-hosting web3 music events.
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Manhattan, New York
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