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Music's AI Revolution: Independent Artists Embrace New Creative Opportunities
In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, AI technology and independent artists are at the forefront of a groundbreaking shift.
The rise of AI is shaking up the music industry, and independent artists are among the first to experiment with these novel technologies. At the center of this shift are companies like Tunecore and Create Safe, which are developing platforms to help musicians explore AI's creative potential responsibly.
According to Andreea Gleeson, CEO of Tunecore, AI is already impacting three key areas for independent artists - improving their music, boosting discoverability, and making their lives easier.

Tools powered by machine learning can augment the creative process by generating lyrics, loops or arrangements to build upon. AI can also help identify the best markets and audiences to target promotional efforts.

"We need to be thoughtful to get out of that cycle of algorithms just serving up more of the same," said Gerveza, noting how AI can help surface more diverse voices and styles.

CreateSafe CEO Daouda Leonard sees further opportunities in using AI vocals to forge new forms of fan engagement. The company's platform allows musicians like Grimes to license their AI-created vocals to others for collaborative projects and remixes while earning a share of royalties.

Both leaders emphasized building fair principles around AI usage, focused on obtaining consent, allowing control, providing compensation, and ensuring transparency. A Tunecore survey found that while some artists have plagiarism concerns, the majority are interested in leveraging AI responsibly if it's done with their permission and they get credited and paid.

As Leonard said, "The onus is on us to utilize this technology now that it exists." With independent artists leading the experimentation, the music industry has a chance to shape AI's creative and ethical development from the ground up.
SXSW 2024 Panelists
This article showcases insights derived at SXSW 2024 from industry leaders Andreea Gleeson, CEO of Tunecore, and Daouda Leonard, CEO of CreateSafe, on how AI is redefining the music industry for independent artists.
  • Daouda Leonard
    Founder, CreateSafe
    A philosopher at the forefront of the creator empowerment movement.
  • Andreea Gleeson
    Chief Executive Officer, TuneCore
    A leading innovator in the music industry.
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