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TRANSIT: An exclusive Limited Edition MINY Drop
Manhattan, New York | Wednesday, September 4, 2024
[New York City, January 16, 2024] Subway Musician, a platform dedicated to celebrating the vibrant culture of street music, is excited to announce its partnership with MinyVinyl for an exclusive vinyl drop on September 4, 2024.

This collaboration is set to release limited edition Miny vinyl records, capturing the unique essence of street and subway music.
Introducing TRANSIT – A New Era in Street Music: Alongside the Miny vinyl drop, Subway Musician is launching TRANSIT, an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing how street music is consumed and appreciated. Scheduled for September 4, 2024, TRANSIT is more than an event – it's a transformative experience for music lovers and artists alike.

Exclusive Community of MINY Holders: By becoming part of TRANSIT, participants join an exclusive community of music enthusiasts, artists, and supporters. This community is deeply engaged in preserving and promoting the distinct culture of street music.

Mark Your Calendars: "TRANSIT" – A Revolutionary Music Experience Launching September 4, 2024
Access to Subway Music Library: MINY holders will enjoy exclusive access to the Subway Music Library, offering a rich collection of unique tracks and emerging artists from the street music scene.

Unique Merchandise and Experiences: TRANSIT members will also have the opportunity to own exclusive SubwayMusician merchandise and participate in weekly giveaways. These experiences are designed to deepen the connection between the community and the music.
Miny Gigs and Pre-Launch Access:
A highlight of the TRANSIT project includes an exclusive secret gig in September 2024, available only to MINY holders. Prior to this, members will also receive an invitation to an exclusive event at MINY Event Pop-ups.
Limited Edition Vinyl Drop: In collaboration with MinyVinyl, Subway Musician will release a series of limited edition vinyl records on September 4, 2024. These collector's items will feature some of the best and most iconic performances from street and subway musicians, offering a tangible piece of the rich street music culture.
Be part of TRANSIT and the exclusive MINY vinyl drop by joining our community. Stay updated by subscribing for more information and be ready to experience street music like never before.
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