Unveiling Miniature Digital Vinyls for the Modern Artist
A fusion of vintage nostalgia and contemporary digital prowess, our Digital Vinyls offer artists a unique avenue to reach and delight fans.
Enhanced Fan Engagement & Unique Experiences
By offering miniature digital vinyls, artists and record labels can provide fans with a tailored musical experience, deepening the bond and engagement between them.
New Revenue Streams
With the ability to package diverse content in an enticing format, artists and labels have an opportunity to introduce premium content packages or limited edition releases, generating additional income.
Distinctive Brand Identity
The customizable nature of the digital vinyls allows artists and record labels to strengthen their brand identity, making them stand out in a saturated market.
See how it works
By integrating the charm of traditional vinyls with the limitless potential of digital technology, miniature digital vinyls promise a transformative experience for both artists and their audience.
Craft, Customize, & Share
Elevate your music to new heights.
Digital Vinyls grants artists the ability to:
  • Design: Fashion your tunes into a distinct auditory aesthetic
  • Personalize: Stamp your mark, ensuring each vinyl becomes an emblem of your artistry.
  • Engage: Propel your art into the hands and hearts of a community eager for fresh sonic experiences.
Curate, Assemble, & Distribute
Beyond just music, Digital Vinyls transforms content creation:
  • Versatile: Perfect for video snippets, behind-the-scenes shots, artist interviews, and more.
  • Collection: Aggregate multifaceted content into one cohesive digital vinyl package.
  • Reach: Bridge the gap between you and your audience, delivering content that resonates.
Timeless Charm, Reimagined
For those in love with the golden era of vinyl, yet hungry for innovation:
  • Nostalgia: Harness the enduring allure of vinyl, reinvigorated for the digital age.
  • Tactile: While digital at heart, there’s something tactile in the experience we provide, beckoning memories of old record shops.
  • Modern: With advanced digital capabilities, your content gets the best of both worlds.
Ready to Revolutionize Your Artistic Expression?
A fresh avenue for artistic expression, fan engagement, and business growth for artists and record labels alike.
What can you share with your SuperFan?
Experience the fusion of retro charm and modern tech, all wrapped up in a tale of passion, nostalgia, and the unbreakable bond between artists and their admirers.
Songs & Albums
Traditional tracks and full-length albums.
Exclusive Releases & Early Access
Tracks available only on the digital vinyl format. Pre-releases or sneak peeks of upcoming work.
Live Performances
Recordings of concerts, gigs, or acoustic sessions.
Music Videos
Standard or exclusive video content for songs and animated or creatively designed videos showcasing song lyrics.
Behind-the-Scenes Footage
: Glimpses into the making of songs, albums, or music videos.
Photo Galleries
Collections of photos from tours, recording sessions, and personal moments.
VR & AR Experiences
Immersive experiences, such as VR concerts and enhancements that can be viewed using AR tools or apps.
Fan Club Memberships
Exclusive memberships with various perks, accessible through the digital vinyl.
Elevate your connection with your fans!
Offer them a piece of your musical journey encapsulated in our exclusive miniature digital vinyls. Order now and redefine the music experience!
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