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Why do we exist?
New York City is one of the few metropolises in the world that supports buskers and is known as a "Busker Haven" when it comes to the audience, reach, and vibe that the city provides. We're aiming for better.
We leverage blockchain technology and NFTs to empower subway musicians and buskers.
Let's revolutionize the way they reach audiences, monetize their talent, and gain recognition.
  • Blockchain Education
    Providing resources and workshops to musicians about how NFTs and blockchain can enhance their careers. This is crucial in ensuring the musicians understand the technology and can make informed decisions about how to use it.
  • Artist-NFT Platform
    Developing a platform or partnering with existing NFT platforms where artists can mint and sell their music as NFTs. The platform should have an easy-to-use interface that's suitable for those who may be new to blockchain technology.
  • NFTs as Tickets
    NFTs can be used as digital concert tickets for live performances. This would provide an added incentive for fans to purchase NFTs and support the artists
  • Royalty Payments
    Blockchain technology allows for smart contracts where artists can receive royalties every time their NFTs are resold. This can provide a more sustainable source of income for musicians
  • Merchandise and Exclusive Content
    NFT owners could be given access to exclusive content like behind-the-scenes footage, meet-and-greets, and merchandise.
  • Community Building
    A DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is planned to be set up for the subway musicians. This would allow them to vote on various issues related to the project, further building a sense of community and shared ownership.
  • Documentary Series
    We're filming buskers with unique talent. This is planned to be developed into a documentary series or web series, further promoting the artists and the project.
  • Sponsorship and Partnerships
    You can seek out partnerships with music brands, recording studios, and other entities that may be interested in supporting grassroots music culture.
While there are many potential benefits, it's also important to be aware of the risks and uncertainties associated with NFTs and blockchain technology. By educating artists and providing them with the necessary tools and resources, subwaymusician.eth can play a significant role in shaping the future of street music culture.
Discover how we work with street musicians, buskers and independent artists.
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