Stand Out and Connect With Fans Like Never Before
Our Miniature Digital Vinyls offer a fresh way for artists and labels to stand out from the crowd and engage with fans on a deeper level.
  • Bring Your Music to Life
    With customizable digital vinyls, you can craft immersive experiences for your fans.

    Curate albums, exclusive tracks, behind-the-scenes content, VR experiences, and more - elevating your art and keeping fans hungry for fresh content.
  • Grow Your Fanbase and Revenue
    Digital vinyls help you expand your audience and unlock new revenue streams.

    Offer limited editions, presale access, and premium content packages to generate more sales and hype.
  • Made for Modern Artists With a Retro Heart
    Experience the nostalgic charm of vinyl updated for the digital age.

    Our interactive digital vinyls combine vintage appeal with flexible modern tech so you can share your artistry in bold new ways.
  • Simple Yet Powerful
    Our user-friendly tools make it easy to create and customize dynamic digital vinyls on your own.

    Take charge of your brand identity with our limitless creative options for dazzling fans.
Join the Future of Music Media
Be at the forefront and delight music lovers seeking fresh, engaging experiences. Digital vinyl puts control back in the hands of artists.
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Offer your superfans a piece of your musical journey.
Rdefine your audience connection and revenue.
Artists leverage vinyls to deepen fan loyalty and stand out in a noisy market.
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