Kickass Calendar Connections
We're transforming how musicians and performers schedule and share their live events.
Share your next live performance with ease; connect with your SuperFans.
Get early access and grow your audience.
By streamlining this process, we allow artists to concentrate on what they do best - perform, while still ensuring their fans have the lowdown on all their upcoming gigs.
  • Live Location Sharing
    In a dynamic twist on event planning, our platform allows artists to drop their performance links as they start. This ensures that fans can join the performance venue in real time, bringing a live concert experience right to their fingertips.
  • Voice Note Invitations
    Add a personal touch to your event listings. With our unique feature, artists can share voice notes about their upcoming performances, providing an intimate and engaging way for fans to learn about their events.
  • Multi-Location Tracking
    Stay in the loop with your favorite performers' schedules across different locations. Our platform enables you to track your favorite Subway Musicians, ensuring you never miss a performance, wherever it might be.
Introducing: The Event Calendar
Discover all upcoming performances at your fingertips. Follow your favorite street musicians, plan your attendance, and never miss a live performance!
  • View Performances
    See all upcoming performances listed by your favorite artists
  • Plan Your Attendance
    Know the date, time, and location of each performance
  • Voice Notes from Artists
    Hear directly from artists about their upcoming gigs
  • Real-time Updates
    Receive a link at the beginning of a performance for immediate location updates
  • Follow Artists
    Track your favorite musicians and see their other performances across various locations
Artists: What We Need from You
We want to make sure your fans know all about your performances. Here's what we need:
  • Your Name or Band Name
  • Performance Date & Time
  • Event Location
  • Event Description
  • Voice Note
  • Event Link
  • Details of Other Performances

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