For a limited time you can create a beautiful, concise EPK with Rapid Connect for free.
Really good fuckin' EPKs.
We revolutionize the way musicians and artists create and share their Electronic Press Kits (EPKs). We streamline this process, empowering artists to focus more on their craft while still having an impressive and professional EPK.
RapidConnect Will Craft Your EPK!
RapidConnect AI is 100% free, but only works with artist profiles and official website links. Here’s what you’ll receive in ~30 mins
  • Profile and Genre Definition
    • Understand the artist's unique style and genre.
    • Recommendations for branding and presentation
  • EPK Design Ideas
    • Suggestions for layout and visual themes.
    • Insights into what makes an EPK stand out.
  • Content Recommendations
    • What to include in your EPK for maximum impact.
    • Tips on writing a compelling biography and description.
  • Manual Content Creation Ideas
    • How to incorporate personal stories or experiences.
    • Crafting a narrative that resonates with your audience.
  • Feedback from an Industry Expert
    • How an experienced producer or event organizer might view your EPK.
    • Tips for making your EPK more appealing to professionals.
  • How to Use AI and Digital Tools to Enhance Your EPK
    • Recommendations for AI-driven design tools.
    • How to leverage digital platforms for wider distribution.
Our Goals
We address the existing challenges in the music industry regarding EPK creation. Currently, artists often struggle with the time-consuming and expensive process of putting together EPKs, which hinders their ability to reach a wider audience and secure opportunities.
Simplify EPK creation
Our platform provides predefined EPK templates and an intuitive user interface, allowing artists of all skill levels to easily create compelling EPKs without the need for technical expertise. -
International usability
We offer translation capabilities based on audience analysis and automate the sharing of available EPKs, ensuring international usability and wider exposure for artists.
Maintain freshness and engagement
We will utilize AI-generated content that undergoes artist sign-offs and community reviews. This process, combined with weekly updates, will keep the EPKs fresh, accurate, and engaging for viewers
Be great, nothing less.
We bridge the gap in the music industry by automating EPK creation, providing artists with a powerful and accessible tool to showcase their talent and connect with a broader audience.
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