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The SubwayMusician process involves several steps that ensure that the artist is fully informed about the platform, understands the terms of our partnership,.
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How it works for artists?

Initial Meeting and Introduction

  • Welcome the artist to SubwayMusician, explain our mission and vision.
  • Discuss the artist's goals and expectations from the platform.
  • Explain the artist's potential revenue streams and our business model.
Agreement Signing
  • Present the artist with the Memorandum of Understanding, detailing the terms of our partnership.
  • Discuss the details of the engagement, expectations, cancellation policy, and confidentiality.
  • Sign the agreement once the artist understands and agrees to the terms.
Profile Creation:
  • Collect the necessary information for the artist's profile, including a short bio, social media handles, and photos.
  • Create the artist's profile on SubwayMusician, making sure it accurately represents the artist and their work.
Training and Familiarization
  • Guide the artist through the SubwayMusician platform, explaining how to interact with fans, accept bookings, and manage their profile.
  • Train the artist on using the video call or phone call features for fan interactions.
  • Discuss the types of engagements (Shout-outs, Tracks/Songs, Online Gigs, Customized Engagements) and how they work.
Technology Setup
  • Ensure the artist has the necessary technology (smartphone, laptop, stable internet connection, good microphone/headphones) for remote engagements.
  • If needed, provide technical support to help set up or troubleshoot their technology.
  • Announce the artist's joining on SubwayMusician's social media channels and website.
  • Enable the artist's profile for fan interactions and engagements.
  • Start marketing efforts to promote the artist's availability on the platform.
Ongoing Support
  • Regularly check in with the artist to address any issues or questions they may have.
  • Monitor the artist's engagements and fan interactions, providing feedback and guidance as needed.
  • Periodically review the artist's revenue generation and discuss potential strategies for growth.
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It's crucial to maintain open communication with the artist, provide support, and address your needs and concerns promptly. This not only helps you succeed on the platform + builds a strong and beneficial partnership.
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