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The Power of Pre-Saves
Why Artists Need Fans' Early Support in the Streaming Age
Today we stand at a crossroads in the music industry. The old ways of doing business no longer apply in this new era of streaming. Success requires new strategies.
Artists can no longer rely on the brute force of payola. They must court the algorithmic gatekeepers of Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. These platforms hold the keys to exposure and discovery.
This is why pre-saving is so critical. By rallying your fans to pre-save a track, you demonstrate organic interest to the streaming services. You show them your song deserves playlist placement and recommendations.
The more pre-saves you generate, the more data you provide these algorithms. You profile your audience and showcase your momentum. Come release day, you'll be rewarded with prime real estate on coveted playlists.
But pre-saving is just the beginning. Shorter songs, catchy intros, concise albums - you must optimize for the streaming environment. The game has changed and artists must adapt.
Success no longer belongs to the gatekeepers and tastemakers. It belongs to those who best engage these robotic curators. You must speak their language of data, signals, and code.
Pre-saving lays the groundwork. It shows you respect the power of algorithms. You understand what motivates them. This intelligence and foresight will carry you far.
The future belongs to those who pre-save. Are you ready?
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