Rethinking PreSaves in the Streaming Era
Pre-saves can be an effective pre-release tool, but mainly for platforms like Apple Music where the feature is natively integrated. On Spotify, the current pre-save workaround feels clunky for users. Requiring extra steps and account verification hurts conversion rates.
Artists, especially those just starting out, often over-index on pre-saves. But they aren't a magic bullet. Social media has inflated their perceived value and power. Focus less on driving pre-save numbers and more on long-term audience connection.

For Apple Music, gently push pre-saves to current fans. But for Spotify, skip the cumbersome external pre-save workflow. Instead, focus on growing your official artist follower count organically. Followers and streams lead to impactful algorithmic playlist placements down the line.

The real heavy lifting comes post-release in the streaming environment. Presaves may provide a small initial boost, but lasting success requires persistent audience engagement over months and years.

Stop treating your album or single as a finished product after launch week. Use it as a jumping off point to grow your fan base through consistent interaction and innovation.
  • Share your creative process online.
  • Collaborate with fellow artists.
  • Drop remixes and acoustic versions.
  • Go behind the scenes.

Too often, indie artists move straight from release promotion to the next project. But streaming thrives on continuity, not brevity. Each month presents new opportunities to engage both existing and potential fans.
In the modern streaming landscape, post-release audience commitment is far more crucial than pre-release playlist placement and presave campaigns. Sustain your album's life cycle through ongoing creativity. Convert listeners into lasting fans.
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