Why Transit?
The Transit project is an innovative and culturally enriching initiative designed to celebrate and promote subway musicians.
Its primary goal is to highlight the diverse and vibrant talents of artists who bring life to the daily commute of subway passengers. By providing a platform for these musicians, Transit Drop aims to elevate their artistry from the underground to a wider audience, showcasing their contributions to the urban cultural tapestry.
Introducing TRANSIT –
A New Era in Street Music: Alongside the Miny vinyl drop, Subway Musician is launching TRANSIT, an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing how street music is consumed and appreciated.
September 4, 2024
it's a transformative experience for music lovers and artists alike.
MINY with Music Under NY
We reached out to more than 350 individual performers and ensembles to participate.
Exclusive Miny's
A limited edition MINY project to showcase and kickstart the career of upcming subway & street musicians
Exclusive Content
Transit creates a unique bond between artists and fans, transcending traditional music consumption methods.
Three Good Reasons to be a part of Transit
Through Transit Drop, Subway musicians gain the opportunity to reach new audiences, receive recognition for their art, and potentially open doors to further artistic opportunities.
  • Spotlight on Talent
    By selecting a diverse range of musicians, Transit Drop sheds light on the sheer variety and skill present within the subway music scene.
  • Cultural Celebration
    The project acts as a celebration of urban culture and the often-overlooked art that flourishes in public transit spaces.
  • Community Engagement
    It fosters a sense of community among commuters, musicians, and the wider public, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the arts within everyday urban environments.
Making the often mundane commute a more enjoyable and culturally rich experience.
This project not only enriches the lives of the musicians involved but also enhances the cultural landscape of the city.
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